I deliver workshops with Cat Chappell to help therapists uncover their unconscious bias, due to the cultural narrative of body size, by exploring and challenging the narrative around fat and debunking the health myths.

We share how you can work in a more curious and anti-oppressive way to create a safe therapeutic space for clients of all sizes, but especially to those in bigger bodies.

Simultaneously, we have created safe, nourishing and empowering communities by encouraging deep and challenging exploration of how you feel about your own body. The power of being able to talk about this so openly with others has repeatedly been mentioned in the feedback.

We offer two WORKSHOPS:

“Enlightening, challenging & thought provoking
– brilliantly presented.”

Day 1: Unlearning Body Shame
A safe, nourishing and empowering space to help you reflect on how you feel about bodies, unlearning body shame whilst exploring body acceptance and anti-fat bias.

Day 2: Anti-fat Bias in the Therapy Room
(for those who have attended day 1)
An experiential workshop specifically for therapists to become more curious & anti-oppressive in their work with clients of all sizes.

“It gave me huge insight into how so many of us hold personal trauma related to our bodies.”


Anti-Fat Bias and Body Acceptance



Anti-Fat Bias in the Therapy Room

22nd May 2024


DAY 1: now available to purchase

Buy the recording here and complete in your own time! A CPD certificate is available upon completion.

Price: £50 – £80

“I only wish I’d done this workshop years earlier.”

Please get in contact for bespoke trainings for your organisation.

What will we cover:

Day 1: (all welcome)

The racist and ableist legacy of weight stigma and deconstructing what diet and wellness culture is; confronting your own beliefs and attitudes about fat; learning the harm that comes from anti-fat bias and discrimination; the impact of societal and personal values towards weight and food; how to challenge/ advocate when confronted with anti-fat stigma; introduction to Joyful Movement and Intuitive Eating.

Day 2: (for therapists who have attended day 1)

Fat oppression in therapy and why this is so important to explore; examples of anti-oppressive practice with clients of all sizes; how to provide more effective therapy through increased awareness; live case study and supervision group exercises

‘Eye-opening, radical and empowering. I only wish I’d done this workshop earlier.’

• 15th October 2022 • 4th February 2023 • 18th March 2023 • 19th May 2023 • 15th July 2023 30 September 2023 11 November 2023 • 22 January 2024 • 16 March 2024


“Having had the privilege of just four sessions with Jo, my entire outlook has changed.”

Coaching client

“Working with Jo lifted those heavy things off me and gave me the chance to breathe in the cool air of self-acceptance. It felt like magic because after so long I feel so different.” 

Diana, Coaching Client

“You've changed my outlook and therefore my life. It sounds dramatic but it's true. It has been so powerful working with you. I cannot thank you enough for your time, your thoughts, your sound bites and above all your kindness.” 

Coaching Client

“Jo can help you to take back your power and teach you to champion yourself in a world that tries to dictate your worth.”

Coaching Client

“Magical, affirming, calming”

Olivia, Coaching Client

I have loved every moment of working with you and I feel armed to start to tackle this on my own once and for all. Thank you so much for your compassion and empathy. I felt held throughout the whole process.” 

Cath, Coaching Client

“Jo made me feel much more empowered to accept and enjoy my body and my appearance. She was able to help me unpick beliefs I didn’t know I had. She is obviously experienced, knowledgeable and cares a great deal about what she does.” 

Jess, Coaching Client

“Jo helped me realise where some of my perceptions came from, and I left feeling like I can actually achieve body acceptance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jo!”

Sharon, Coaching Client

“I think working with someone who is so strong in her message, and also is so knowledgeable on techniques and information which can really help break thought patterns, has been invaluable.” 

Ollie, Coaching Client