an 8 week body empowerment course

a journey of healing, resilience, liberation and transformation:

an antidote to the messages women hear about their bodies.

Have you been challenged by the relationship with your body for most of your adult life

and find it’s the one thing you just can’t get a handle on?

This course will help you separate yourself from the societal narrative about women’s bodies. It will nurture and elevate your self-worth, body-acceptance and self-confidence, and revitalise your resilience to take up your worthy space in the world

This course will launch officially in September 2024, however, with a (postponed) beta-test, and in doing so I am offering a 50% SAVING!

£995 £495.


Starts Sept 2024 

  • a weekly commitment of 1-1.5 hours (can watch replays)
  • first session will be mandatory for all to establish our community
  • a taught, experiential course with small tasks to do in between
  • option to upgrade to have 2 x 1:1 sessions during/after the course
  • there will be a break for half term at the end of May.

The course is split into two parts:

  1. Uncovering the pastunlock a deep understanding about the limiting beliefs imposed on you about your body from family conditioning and societal messaging and explore the lasting impact.
  2. Rewriting the narrative: repair the relationship with your body, heal body image wounds, refocus your locus of evaluation, reframe values and develop expansive beliefs.

£995 £495 

It will never be this price again!

ABOUT Jo Reader

A BACP accredited psychotherapist turned therapeutic coach who has spent twenty years confronting weight stigma, championing food and body freedom, liberating women from body shame. Jo wrote a Masters thesis on Weight Stigma in Therapy and published an article on Fat Oppression in the leading specialist magazine for counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK. Jo is passionate about fostering women’s self-acceptance of their bodies.


She says “Freeing women of the generational trauma of female body shame is truly liberating and therefore life-changing; it is an honour and privilege to do this work.”

    It’s the only time this course will be this price!

    Hope to have you on board!



    “Having had the privilege of just four sessions with Jo, my entire outlook has changed.”

    Coaching client

    “Working with Jo lifted those heavy things off me and gave me the chance to breathe in the cool air of self-acceptance. It felt like magic because after so long I feel so different.” 

    Diana, Coaching Client

    “You’ve changed my outlook and therefore my life. It sounds dramatic but it’s true. It has been so powerful working with you. I cannot thank you enough for your time, your thoughts, your sound bites and above all your kindness.” 

    Coaching Client

    “Jo can help you to take back your power and teach you to champion yourself in a world that tries to dictate your worth.”

    Coaching Client

    “Magical, affirming, calming”

    Olivia, Coaching Client

    I have loved every moment of working with you and I feel armed to start to tackle this on my own once and for all. Thank you so much for your compassion and empathy. I felt held throughout the whole process.” 

    Cath, Coaching Client

    “Jo made me feel much more empowered to accept and enjoy my body and my appearance. She was able to help me unpick beliefs I didn’t know I had. She is obviously experienced, knowledgeable and cares a great deal about what she does.” 

    Jess, Coaching Client

    “Jo helped me realise where some of my perceptions came from, and I left feeling like I can actually achieve body acceptance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jo!”

    Sharon, Coaching Client

    “I think working with someone who is so strong in her message, and also is so knowledgeable on techniques and information which can really help break thought patterns, has been invaluable.” 

    Ollie, Coaching Client