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Parent Consultations

A conversation about your teenager’s mental health

I can obviously work with your child in therapy, but sometimes the long-term cost is prohibitive or your child does not want to attend therapy. I have also realised that sometimes the best support for a young person is by supporting and advising their parent. So I am now offering one-off (or ongoing) Parental Consultations to support you with your child’s mental health, giving you tips and techniques to help them and you; to signpost you to other resources and sources of support and guide you through the mental health system. I also have contacts who I can refer you onto for further advice or assessments.

Being a parent to a teenager is complex even without additional crises such as mental health, parental separation, gender transitioning etc. As a parent myself, I have found little direct support for parents, so I am offering this service for you to be able to offload to someone about how hard it is; give you support during a difficult time with an aim to signpost you to further resources and the next steps so you feel less alone.

My Experience: I have worked in schools, with parents and with teenagers for almost 30 years as a Teacher, Education Welfare Officer, Parenting Manager and School Counsellor. I know teenagers really well and they tell me they have benefitted from my support and guidance in helping them cope with life’s challenges. Parents say I have helped them understand, support and guide their child through intensely difficult and painful times and given them clarity and hope.

Confidentiality: Whilst these consultations are confidential, I might need to share any safeguarding concerns, but we would discuss this further prior to our conversation.

Fees: £85 per 60 minute session – includes initial email and questionnaire and follow-up email.

These consultations usually take place by phone or via Zoom.

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I hold an up to date enhanced DBS disclosure and have full public liability insurance.