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Counselling is a space and time where life problems can be explored in a confidential, supportive and empathic way.

…an opportunity to regain your zest for life…

Counselling can be a chance to offload; a space to get a different perspective; time to find that strength you might have lost or a place to make choices and decisions with support from someone alongside you. Counselling is not about giving advice or making judgements but about giving time and space for reflection and exploration to validate and make sense of your feelings and experiences.

Booking an Appointment

You can book appointments by email, text or phone – you will get the fastest reply by email or text!

Phone/Text: 07713 243547

I am happy to answer any queries or discuss an appointment by email, text or telephone prior to actually making a booking so you can make an informed decision about whether you would like us to work together; however, meeting face to face is how most people feel they can decide and I offer a reduced fee for an initial session in order to get a feel for each other.

Clients are not restricted to a set number of sessions and we hold regular reviews to assess how you feel it is going. Some people find 6 sessions is enough but generally my experience is that most benefit from more. I believe therapy is most effective weekly at a regular time, but this is always open to discussion and I always try to be flexible to fit in with you.


I offer an initial session at a reduced rate for you to hear how I work, to begin talking about what is troubling you, to ask any questions, and to begin to explore how we might work together.


Clients are free to end their counselling with me at any stage, however, planned endings are usually more helpful and I suggest that clients give some notice of an intended ending wherever possible, so you can achieve satisfactory closure around issues you may have been working on.