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1:1 Coaching

Radical Body Acceptance

Are you a professional woman held back by body shame?

Are you afraid of passing a poor body image onto your children?

Do you want to make an investment in yourself to appreciate the body you have once and for all?

I empower women to liberate themselves from the stigma and shame of their bodies to have more courage, compassion and self-acceptance and stop the generational cycle of body shame.

£2000 discount!!

This September I am offering a staggering £2000 discount until my new website and branding is launched!

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We will explore: body shame, self-judgement, family messages, food rules, limited beliefs, societal bias and much more….

  • 1:1 weekly sessions
  • fully held and supported throughout
  • voice note support between sessions
  • bespoke package – for 30, 60 or 90 days


‘Jo made me feel much more empowered to accept and enjoy my body and my appearance. She was able to help me unpick beliefs I didn’t know I had. She is obviously experienced, knowledgeable and cares a great deal about what she does. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, thank you Jo!’’ Jess

‘I have struggled with my body image for decades and have worked hard to improve it. Despite this, I still felt stuck, but Jo was able to identify a common underlying thread. By gently challenging me, being compassionate and curious, she created a safe space where I was able to explore this further. Together we created goals that are achievable and I am already noticing a positive shift in my feelings towards my body after one session!’ Catherine

‘When I met with Jo, I immediately felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable about the areas where I still felt stuck in my journey towards radical body acceptance. Jo encouraged me in the work that I have already done, and helped me realise where some of my perceptions came from and that it is not my fault. I left feeling like I can actually achieve body acceptance and I wouldn’t  hesitate to recommend Jo to others!’ Sharon

With 20 years experience working with body liberation, an MSc in Weight Stigma in Therapy, 14 years working as a psychotherapist and 30 years as a teacher (most recently training therapists in unconscious fatphobia), I am confident that through 1:1 coaching I can empower you to be the best version of yourself with the body you already have. Having been through the journey myself I am fully liberated in my body and I adore enabling others to be too!