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Counsellor, Coach, Trainer

The Body Empowerment Coach

Helping women finally find freedom

Let go of what others think swapping fear of judgement for acceptance and appreciation of your body. Get in touch!

Counselling & Supervision

I work from a person-centered perspective. I am HAES-aligned and am LGBTQIA welcoming.  I am a member of the BACP and a UKRCP Accredited Registered Independent Counsellor.

Anti-Fat Bias Training

We help therapists uncover their unconscious biases due to the cultural narrative of body size and fat shaming through workshops challenging the narrative about fat and debunking health myths about fatness simultaneously creating safe community spaces for those in bigger bodies.

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“It felt like magic because after so long I feel so different.”

“It gave me huge insight into how so many of us hold personal trauma related to our bodies.” 

“I have loved every moment of working with you and I feel armed to start to tackle this on my own once and for all.”

“Jo can help you to take back your power and teach you to champion yourself in a world that tries to dictate your worth.”